May the patience be with you.


*Me: never watches Star Wars once*

*Also me: uses Star Wars reference to name my blog post*

See what I did there? I guess that’s what you call “clickbait”. Because I’ve never watched a single Stars Wars Movie. (Basically the only thing I know is that the princess name is Leia and that is really the only thing that matters to me.) But I’m not here to talk about space movies (I guess it’s about space) today. Because how would I talk about something that I have no understanding of? Even though, People on the internet do that all the time. Well, I could have called it “good things take time” but it’s not like you don’t know that already.

Sometimes, life works in mysterious ways. And when we look close enough, it shows us things that otherwise we only learn from quotes on Instagram.


Let’s go back about six weeks ago when my family went on vacation and I stayed home. (By the way – yes they do like me. I still stayed home alone. Balance.) Anyway, staying home means that I’m left with our pets. Which, I was reminded again that week, we’ve got kind of a lot of. And it’s fine. I mean I’ve killed a suspcious amount of plants over the last years but if they trust me with animals, who really is there to blame?

We’ve got two bunnies. Which are actually kind of cute. Stupid, but cute. (Which does remind me of some men I’ve dated.) I personally don’t think they have that much too offer – the bunnies not those men (except falling in the pool when nobody is watching even though I’m pretty sure they know that they can’t swim). They basically don’t do much and aren’t that much work. Except when you have to be the lifeguard, feeling like Pamela Anderson in Baywatch (a show I have also never seen) and try to fish them out of a pool without falling in yourself.

Anyway, you kind of only have to feed them because they hate humans (can relate to that) and run away all the time. So, every night I had to get them back into their cage. Which is fine because “you have to feed them and they go in by themselves” because they just follow anybody who brings them food. (I can relate to that aswell.) At least that’s what my sister told me. But guess what? It wasn’t that easy.

One of them always walked right into the cage but the other one (there is always ONE) wasn’t having any of it. He kept hiding in places I could not and didn’t want to reach and was just sitting there starring at me. But I had to get him in there somehow. So, for this whole time that I was in charge of them, I spent most of my evenings chasing a bunny with a purple pool noodle through our entire garden for about 20 minutes. Obviously that wasn’t working that well. And let’s not talk about the fact that it was freaking hot outside. I was pretty sure at some point one of us was gonna get a heart attack. (Not sure if it was him or me tho.) But we played this game every night. I was chasing him, he started attacking me (I didn’t know bunnies could make such aggressive noises) and at some point it always worked but it wasn’t getting us anywhere. Also, it probably wasn’t really healthy for either one of us.

But then the last night came and I just didn’t care anymore. If he thinks he has to sleep outside, he should. (Not that they would learn anything from this, I KNOW.) Anyway, the night came, I brought them food, the white one ran right inside (guess which one’s my favorite) and the other one was hiding (and probably laughing about me) somewhere else. But instead of putting us both through this traumatic routine, I just walked away. I sat down outside (so I could eventually run up there and lock them in) and waited.

And believe it or not, it took not even TWO MINUTES until he came out by himself, saw the food and ran inside the freaking cage. I don’t know if he knew it was the last night and just wanted to piss me off even more (I can’t give him that much credit tho) or whatever that was. But it gave me at least some content for my blog (and something to think about).


I’m not a patient person. I want everything done and I want that right now. And I mean, the goal was to get those bunnies inside, which I kind of reached every night. But what I reached besides that was my breaking point. (And my limits in terms of running.)

But at least I learned something from this – if you have to force something in your life, relationships or getting your sister’s bunny inside the cage, maybe it’s not the right approach. You may reach your goal, like someones attention, but is someones presence in your life really worth it if you have to force them to be a part of that?

And things don’t work just like that. Whatever you want, sometimes you have to have some patience with others and yourself. Because it’s not only about reaching your goals in life but also about how you get there. Because in the end, the way towards whatever you want IS most of your life. So don’t waste that by chasing anyone or anything (or bunnies).

That is all I have to say because ironically enough, I don’t have the patience to listen to my own thougts anymore today.

If you take anything with you from my messed up mind today, let it be that sometimes being patient and looking close at what your life is actually trying to teach you, is worth a lot more than running around with blinders on.

Oh and also – don’t get bunnies. Because those are waaaaay harder to replace than a fish.

Love, Lea. β™‘

P.S. (or for all the people who don’t get sarcasm): No animals were harmed for the content of this post.

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