A jar of happy memories

I wasn’t going to write today. In fact, I didn’t plan on writing this week but life doesn’t work like that. And today, I felt a lot like writing and putting something positive on my mind and on the internet. And that is why I’m introducing you to my “happy jar”.

You might think I completely lost it (which could be true today) but hear me out.

In the beginning of this year, I wanted to change some things regarding myself. Like my shitty attitude or the fact that I never feel really grateful. So, I thought of a way to keep little good memories alive in my head. Funny enough, I’m not a diary person. But at the same time I’m not a creative person either, when it comes to crafts or cute Pinterest ideas. That is why I thought about this jar. To be honest, I didn’t have a real cute 2020 jar till last month. I just had an old jar with papers and coins and I just used that for a while. But that’s beside the point.

So, what am I doing you might wonder? Since january, after every week of this year, I’ve been taking a small piece of paper and write something on there. A memory that I don’t wanna forget, things I did, experiences and moments I am grateful for. I fold it up and throw it in this jar. And that’s it.

Why? Because it keeps me sane. It’s like writing on here. And it helps a lot to take ten minutes out of your sunday to think about all the positive things that happen in your life. Some weeks it is so easy, I don’t even have to think about it. I write down four things I’m grateful for. Some weeks I can’t come up with anything and really have to look for something good. And it doesn’t matter how big your happy thought might be. Sometimes it’s a vacation or an exam you passed and some weeks it’s spending times with your friends or watching beautiful sunsets.

I think it’s funny that I chose this year to start this idea. Because it feels like it’s been the worst year ever. And some days it does feel like it. But then, I just look at this jar and all those pieces of paper – all those little happy memories. And it reminds me that there is so much to look forward to. So many more memories to come to fill up this jar. So many great moments to remember.

And when I feel like I did today, I think about just opening it and to look at all those happy thoughts. I haven’t done that yet because I really want to do that after new years eve to look back on this year. But the good thing is – there are no rules when it comes to doing things that make you feel better. Maybe tomorrow I’ll look at just one or maybe next week I’ll read all of them. Or I’ll wait. But whenever you feel like you need it, you can look at those memories and remember why it’s all worth it.

Since I’m talking so much about jars today, I want to talk about one more.

@hopefortheday Instagram

This is the “Stigmaswearjar”. The idea belongs to the non-profit movement “Hopefortheday” who are empowering conversations about mental health and suicide prevention. They are trying to end the stigma about mental health problems, so that everyone gets the help they need. You can go to their website and tell the stigma what you really think about it. After that you can donate to their organisation and support them do their important work.

I’m putting this out here because maybe somebody else needed that today. Or tomorrow. But whatever jar works for you – it’s ok not to be ok. But there are so many more amazing memories to make. And sometimes, when our view gets clouded we need a reminder.

Like a jar full of happy thoughts. (Or chocolate chip cookies.)

Love, Lea β™‘

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