I am very angry. And you should be too. So, let’s talk politics.

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I said my only rule is that I write about everything and anything I want to write about – but there are two exceptions: politics and religion. For the only reason that I don’t want to force my beliefs on anyone (also I don’t really have much to say about either of those two things). I just never really felt the urge to write about any of that. Well, that changes today. Because current events are forcing me to break my own rules. Because I am mad. And I’ll tell you why YOU should be too.

Where do I even start? Let’s start last week. Poland has one of the strictest laws when it comes to abortions. The only “reasons” for women to get an abortion are: rape, incest, if the mother’s life is in danger and if the foetus is terminal ill/ maleformed or not able to survive outside the womb. Well, that was the case till last thursday. Because on october 22nd poland’s top court has ruled all abortions that happen because of foetal defects as “unconstitutional”. Now you might think “well at least they didn’t ban abortions at all”.

But actually, they did exactly that.

In 2019, around 1110 legal abortions took place in poland. (Keep in mind that the estimated number of unreported cases is about 200.000.) 98% of those legal abortions were carried out because of a foetal defect. With this new law in place, it means that there won’t be any more legal abortions in poland – because almost none of those cases could be “justified”.

Now, you might say “well, a woman can still get an abortion.” Yes – when she was raped. But how many women, who had to experience sexual assault and didn’t fall pregnant feel confident to talk about that? Women do feel ashamed. So, how do you expect them to go out there and tell the whole world that they’ve been raped and became pregnant? Ever heard about trauma?

But why are they doing this? Well, Pro-life people have some “reasons” to why they think it’s ok to rule a law and tell women what to do with their bodies. One huge explanation is their belief. Poland is a catholic country. And obviously there is nothing wrong with that. You can believe in god or whoever you want to believe in. That’s good for you. But that is the whole point: it’s YOUR faith.

I really wonder – how can you justify forcing women to carry their deathly sick children to term because of your belief? And yes, I am actually asking. And not only maleformed foetuses but how can you tell any woman what to do with her body because of your personal feelings or your faith?

Let’s talk about Pro-choice for a minute

I think, I’ve made my opinion on this situation pretty clear. Pro-choice, the opposite of Pro-life, is exactly what it sounds like.

  • Pro-choice DOES NOT mean “pro-abortion” or “anti-life”.
    No woman ever wants an abortion because it’s a fun thing to do. And it also doesn’t mean that I would or will definitely have an abortion. I don’t know what I would do if I’d eve be in a situation that requires me to make this decision. But it means that I know I can only make this decision for MYSELF. It is not my place to decide that for anyone but me.
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  • Pro-choice does not mean that I think I can decide where life starts and where it ends. One of the most used arguments on the Pro-life side is “life begins at conception.” Which – again- is a belief. I don’t know about you, but I can barely remember what I ate for breakfast yesterday, let alone anything before my third birthday. And that doesn’t mean that I don’t think unborn lives shouldn’t be protected or aren’t worth anything. But I am asking you – what about that mother’s life? What about her?

How can you call yourself “Pro-life” when you don’t even care about the mother’s life? And what about this baby being born into foster care or into an abusive environment? You only care about unborn babies until they are born? Because what happens after that? Who supports those mothers and children?

How can you call yourself Pro-life when you only care about life until it’s born?

You know what Pro-life would look like to me? Supporting foster care children, supporting better health care, advocating for more financial support, educate people about sex and conception, babysitting. This list goes on and on. But they somehow don’t care about that. The important thing is that every foetus is born. Who cares what happens to them after that? At least they are born. To me personally, that doesn’t sound Pro-life at all. But maybe because it was never about life in the first place, wasn’t it? It’s about controlling women and telling them what to do with their bodies. And that is why we should all be very angry.

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On another note – banning abortions does not lower the amount of abortions that actually happen. They still happen illegaly. And that is even more dangerous, because right now around 8-11% of maternal deaths are caused by unsafe and illegal abortions. Do you know what prevents abortions in the first place? Sex education and a healthcare system that provides affordable contraception. Obviously that doesn’t work for every case, but it would be a good start. And Poland DOES NOT teach real sex education. They even send sex educators to prison!! for teaching sex ed and call them “pedophiles”. And, only two different kinds of contraception are funded by the polish health care system. THEY DON’T CARE about unborn life. They care about controlling women and their bodies. You cannot explain this stupidity any other way.

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Maybe you still don’t care because you live in a country with access to health care and abortions if you’d ever needed one. But as we’ve seen last week in poland, your rights can be taken away in an instance. And it’s a problem all over the world, like in South America or the United States. They’ve just voted Amy Coney Barrett in the US Supreme court as a replacement for Ruth Bader Ginsburg, which is a fucking joke but also dangerous for every woman. Not only in the states. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about I highly recommend to look her up instead of spending another hour on Tik Tok.) I don’t want to scare anyone. I just want to tell you, why you should care even if you think you don’t need to.

And even if you think you would never have an abortion yourself, how can you not care for other women to have the opportunity to even make this decision by themselves?

 “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” – Evelyn Beatrice Hall

Yes, there are other options like adoption or financial support available. And I am not saying abortion should be the first option. All I am saying is: Abortion should always and for ever be ONE option. Even if it is the last.

The next time someones asks me “How can you decide where life starts and where it ends? How can you not care about the unborn life?” I want to tell you: I care. I do. And that’s why I think every kind of information should be available for women in this situation. But I also care about the mother’s life. And that’s why safe abortions should ALWAYS be an option. And since we are asking questions, I’ve got some for you, if you call yoursef Pro-life.

  • Why do YOU have the right to make this decision for anyone but yourself?
  • What if someone you love needs an abortion? Would you tell them to “just get over it” too?
  • What do you tell a child, born into foster care or growing up in an abusive environment? Would you take all these children in?
  • There is about 75.000 children living in orphanages, waiting for adoption ONLY in poland. Are you going to take all of them in, if you care so much for “life”?
  • What do you tell children, who have lost their mothers because of a pregnancy they had to have and then died due to unsafe abortions? What do you tell those kids?
  • How can you make only women responsible for falling pregnant when a) two people are needed to conceive a child and b) you don’t even wanna teach sex education because “talking about sex is evil” and you should “only have sex when you are ready to have a child”? Are you kidding me? We set our clocks back an hour last sunday, not 100 years.

You are asking me, how I can “play god” and “kill someone”. But I am actually asking you those questions.

Again, abortions are not fun. I do not think that they are “amazing”. I don’t even know if I would ever have an abortion myself and I do not want to force my personal opinion about abortions on anyone. All Im asking you is to do the same. All I want is women to have a choice. (And Trump to be voted out of the White House but let’s not wish for too much.) But what can you do about it? Share it on social media – we share every personal little detail about our lives. Use your story for something good. Educate yourself and your friends and family. Donate to organizations that support women and abortion rights.

Go to cielesne’s Instagram account. They’ve got some information of how you can help from anywhere around the world.

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And now, excuse me while I have to talk to my german readers, who think that they are perfectly protected here.

Jetzt mal kurz zu uns.

Ja, in Deutschland ist es möglich abzutreiben. ABER nach § 218 StGB für ALLE Beteiligten strafbar.

Ausnahmen dieser Regeln sind entweder eine medizinische Notwendigkeit, also das Leben der Mutter ist in Gefahr, oder kriminologische Indikatoren, wie beispielsweise eine Schwangerschaft, die durch eine Vergewaltigung entstanden ist. Auch ist ein Schwangerschaftsabbruch möglich, wenn keiner der zwei genannten “Gründe” vorliegt und die Schwangere sich in einer anerkannten Schwangerschaftsberatungsstelle beraten lassen hat – was an sich ja ein guter Weg ist, um sich andere Informationen einzuholen. Wenn diese Beratung auch wirklich neutral bleibt. Und bei einer Abtreibung ohne medizinischen Grund oder ohne kriminalogische Indikatoren, übernimmt die gesetzliche Krankenkasse den Schwangerschaftsabbruch nicht.

Und es geht noch weiter. Paragraph 219a nennt sich “Werbung für den Abbruch der Schwangerschaft”. Das bedeutet, es ist Ärzten verboten Frauen “anzuwerben”, auch indem sie Informationen über einen Schwangerschaftsabbruch bereitstellen, in denen sie auch deutlich machen, dass sie selbst Abbrüche vornehmen (gegen Geld. Naürlich).

Also erstmal das Wort “Werbung”. Ich glaube nicht, dass eine Frau bei ihrem Arzt etwas über Abtreibung liest und denkt “Ja nice. So ein Schwangerschaftsabbruch hört sich ja mega spaßig an. Das könnte ich auch mal machen.” Das Wort Werbung impliziert ja schon, dass es um etwas “tolles” gehen würde – was Abtreibungen ja definitiv nicht sind! Dabei geht es nur um sachliche Informationen. Und ist es nicht wichtig für Frauen zu wissen, wo sie im ernstfall eine Abtreibung durchführen lassen können?

Und zweitens: Es ist als in Ordnung für Zigaretten und Tabak Werbung auf riesigen 10 x 10 Meter Plakatwänden zu machen? Aber Ärzte dürfen auf ihren Internetseiten und in ihrer Praxis keine Informationen über Abtreibung bereitstellen und darüber informieren, dass sie diese auch durchführen? Asking for a friend.

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Deutschland geht auf jeden Fall besser mit dieser schwierigen Thematik um, als unser Nachbarland. Aber wenn ihr euch das nächste Mal fragt “Warum sollte ich mich dafür interessieren?” denkt dran, dass auch bei uns nicht alles perfekt ist. Und das was gerade mitten in Europa passiert, kann uns mindestens genauso schnell passieren.

Und selbst wenn es euch persönlich immer noch egal ist, sorgt wenigstens dafür, dass jede Frau das Recht hat selbst die Entscheidung zu treffen, dass es ihr persönlich egal sein kann.

Love, Lea. ♡

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